Lunchtime Conversation

The girls are talking so wonderfully these past few months, it’s almost agonizing to think of all the things they say and to not be able to capture them. But here’s one example.

Mrini: I’m a strong girl. I’m stronger than you!
Me: And you’re bigger than me too!
Mrini: Yes! If I eat all my food, I’ll be big and strong!
Tara: And then I’ll wear a watch. And a bangle too. Like you.
Me: Ooookkkkay (scratching head, figuratively). But you’ll only get the bangle when you get married. (It’s the one that Bengali women wear when they get married.) Do you know what married means?
Tara: Yes, it means I’ll get a bangle, like you!
Me: Yes, but do you know whom I’m married to?
Mrini: To the bangle.
Me: No… see… who is my husband?
Mrini and Tara: Baba!
Me: Yes, and that means I’m married to Baba.
I named some other couples and checked their association of “husband” “wife” and “marriage”. They got it. Ok, now for the next step.
Me: Girls, when you grow up, whom do you want to get married to?
Tara: Me Mrini married.
Me: Mrini is your twin sister, you can’t get married to your twin sister. And she’s a girl. You have to get married to a boy, because you’re a girl.
Mrini: S Uncle!
Me: (trying to hide my amusement and shock) Oh, he’s already married, you have to get married to someone who’s not married yet.
Tara: Baba
Me: No, Baba’s married to me. You have to find someone who is not married. (Preferrably. And in any case, not your dad, please. Forget about Freud.)
Mrini (getting the idea at last): B&B
Me: What, both of them?
Mrini nodded her head happily.
Me: Well, usually you get married to only one person at a time.
Mrini (decisively): Ok, B (the smaller twin).
Me: And you Tara?
Tara: (The other) B.

Hmmm… Pity that B&B just left for distant lands and we have no idea when – if ever – we will see them again. 😦


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