Another Year Older

I read somewhere in the context of parenting, that the days drag on and the years fly by. I don’t have all that many years under my belt yet, but this one does seem to have gone by pretty fast. Wasn’t it just the other day that I was in the throes of planning two birthday parties back-to-back?

And now their next birthday is just around the corner.

Naturally, this time we’re not doing so much. For one thing, last year was their first party, so naturally it had to be big. And secondly, this year Amit is not going to be in town on the day of their birthday. This means that I get to plan the party as I wish – and I wish to keep it small. Amit, of course, still wants to invite a horde of people, and we might do that after he returns the following weekend.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about the wonderful opportunity to practice some baking – and thrust the fruits of my labour onto a captive audience, both at school and on those who come home for the party. Of course, normally the fruits of my labour in this particular sphere are not totally inedible – or so some kind people assure me – so hopefully the audience won’t suffer too much.

On Monday, I’m going to be busy making fudge and cupcakes to send with the twins to school on Tuesday morning. I can see myself staying up into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, cutting bits of Aluminium foil and coloured paper into attractive packaging for these goodies. I’ll also have to bake the cakes for the home party on Monday night, so that I can put the icing on on Tuesday morning. One chocolate cake with chocolate icing is unavoidable, of course; the other might be a lemon and raisin cake with lemon butter icing.

This is the part I like about birthdays – baking. After a couple of years or so, I expect that the kids are going to be making cake for me on my birthday. That’s what kids are for, right?

And as I said, the years fly by.


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