Spoken Gems

So the twins are at a very entertaining stage of life right now. They’re not yet able to really speak – as in, hold a conversation – but they’re beyond babbling. So much of what they say is definitely words put together in some sort of sequence, but many of those sequences are nursery rhymes or phrases that we commonly use, sometimes spliced together in new ways.

They know too many words to try to list them any more, but some of their more fun accomplishments are the poems and the phrases that they use most commonly.

Poems Repertoire

    Ringa ringa roses
    Twinkle twinkle little star
    Johnny Johnny, yes Papa
    Baa baa black sheep
    Two little dicky birds
    Are you sleeping, brother john
    Mary had a little lamb (2 verses!)
    Old Mac Donald (two lines only, but those two to perfection)
    Humpty Dumpty
    Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been
    Ding dong bell, pussy in the well

Fun Phrases

    lap-a lap-a, sometimes lappy-lappy (Mrini’s speciality – I want to sit in your lap)
    no monkey dumpty wall (I don’t know exactly how this one came about; it may have something to do with Humpty Dumpty. It means: don’t you dare help me, I’m going to do it all on my own come what may!)
    Mini aao come (started by Tara to call Mrini, but adopted by Mrini to call anyone)
    Other bathun/bukku/bus/whatever
    Donwant (don’t want)
    Kissie-kissie huggieeee huggie
    Hold your hand
    Help you (help me)
    Papa goodnight (Tara special)
    Big potty (as opposed to sussu, which is also loosely termed potty)
    Doing? (what are you doing?)
    Nana way (ran away)
    Fa wewe (went away, don’t ask me how that came about)
    This one bukku (this is a bukku and I want it)
    My turn (sometimes “bari-turn” to communicate the same thing in two languages, like bosho-sit-down)
    So prettyyyyyy! (most recently used to appreciate the new shower curtains, after the bathroom painting was completed)
    Laga, followed by “kuttiya” (kuchh nahi hua, Mrini’s rendition – when they get mildly hurt and rubbing the general vicinity followed by the magic words makes it ok)

This, in addition to an extensive vocabulary of single words and some two and three word phrases (pick it up, give me please, lie down and so on) that describe most of the nouns and many of the actions in their daily lives.

Many of these are repeated many times a day. But the other day something really, really nice happened, which was a first.

First, you have to realize that the twins have their favourites among Amit and me. Tara is papa’s girl, and always has been; Mrini is equally Mama’s girl, and always has been. We usually don’t do anything to encourage this favouritism, but neither do we try to counter it. If either girl wants her favourite parent, and assuming that said parent is available to pay attention to said girl, then girl gets favourite parent. Specially if we are out of the home – it’s just easier to manage them if they are with their chosen favourites.

So the other day, we had gone out and we were crossing a busy street, so we each picked up one girl. As it happened, I took Tara and Amit took Mrini. Tara didn’t mind, but Mrini wanted me, and started wailing, so we had to swap. As soon as Mrini came to me, she looked at me, smiled, and said, “happy, happy”.

This was specially nice because I didn’t even know she knew this word. It is certainly not something I’ve consciously taught her. But what a nice word for her to have picked up and used. This rates as one of the golden moments of parenting.


2 thoughts on “Spoken Gems

  1. Siri

    Awwww. That is awesome! Im looking forward to meeting the twins….my brother told me they are really cute and Im jealous that he got to meet them first.


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