Bring on the Veggies

My kids are weird. At lunch and dinner time, if they see any veggies on their plates, they immediately ignore the healthy and delicious (please ignore the loud guffaws from Amit at this point) dal-rice and start either wolfing or playing with the veg.

Because I think that a balanced meal means carb and protein in addition to veggies, I serve them the dal-rice first and bring out the veggies once they have eaten at least some of that. But in the last few days, they have tumbled to this strategy too. Now they eat one-and-a-half teaspoons of dal-rice and then play games and wreak havoc till they see their veggies.

Today I tried mixing the veg with the dal-rice, a strategy I gave up several months ago. They outsmarted and totally frustrated me by spending the next hour – yes, one whole hour! – picking out every single little piece of veg and ignoring the dal-rice. Tara also grabbed the opportunity when I wasn’t actually pinning her to her chair with my basilisk glare, to hurl several peas over the table and onto the floor. She only stopped when I screamed that she’d better “stop that right now or else…!”

So, in the absence of any more effective strategy, I will have to revert to the usual old strategies – cajole, plead, and coerce them to eat their dal-rice, instead of subsisting solely on veg.

What!? My children want veggies and I’m trying to get them to eat dal-rice? They want their veggies and I’m distracting them? I should be rejoicing. I need to get my head examined!


3 thoughts on “Bring on the Veggies

  1. Siri

    HA HA I was going to say- you are the first parent I’ve heard complain about the fact that your kids eat veggies and not the protein and carbs 🙂


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