First Days at School

On Monday, I took the twins to school. Pre-school/playschool, hereafter called school. We reached at around 11.35, and I sat inside till about 12.05. The girls wandered around, and some of the other kids came up and thrust things into their hands or took things away from them. They didn’t seem to mind either way. At 12.05, when most of the kids had left, at the “teacher”‘s suggestion, I went out. The twins, by then, had found their way into the inner room where the toys are kept and were busy tidying up. I was out of sight for 15-20 minutes, but they were fine.

On Tuesday, I left them at the door and waited outside for about half an hour. They didn’t cry, but when they saw me at 12.00, Mrini took my hand and shed a few tears. Not too many. Tara didn’t shed any and wasn’t in any particular hurry to come to me either.

On Wednesday, as I left them at the door, Mrini clung to me and wailed. From outside, I could hear her wailing for the next ten minutes, so I went to the door and asked to be let in. I sat inside for 10-15 minutes, and Mrini clung to me, but stopped crying. Tara spent a few minutes with me, then wandered around on her own. The other kids were all in one room, reciting nursery rhymes. The door was open on Monday, and some kids were out mixing with the twins, but on Wednesday, the door was closed and almost all the kids were inside. When I decided that Mrini had settled down enough, I went out again, and she wailed continuously for the next 20 minutes, till school ended for the day. That was tough, sitting outside, hearing her wailing, knowing that all she wanted was to be with me.

So today, it was with a fair bit of trepidation that I hauled them off to school for the fourth day. Of course, I tried not to let it show. I kept telling them what a great place school was and how much fun they were having and how they had so many friends over there and how they were so lucky that they got to go there again today. What a con! Anyway, I half expected Mrini to start kicking and fighting as we got close, but she was ok right until we got to the door. Then she held on to my finger and didn’t want to go inside. Tara, on the other hand, went in quite willingly. Mrini went in wailing, but to my immense relief, she stopped wailing in two minutes and didn’t resume for the rest of the day. Even when they were let out and she saw me waiting there and came to me, she sort of gave a half sob, then thought the better of it and started smiling! I couldn’t have asked for anything better, after yesterday’s performance.

Please, someone, tell me it’s not going to come back twice as bad tomorrow.

I’m really hoping they settle down and start enjoying school next week, so that when we return from Calcutta, they don’t dread it but are quite happy to go there again. I suppose it can’t be that simple.


4 thoughts on “First Days at School

  1. Siri

    Like Ayesha said, good thing that they have each other at the place πŸ™‚ And I am sure things get easier as the days go by. There will always be that kid that couldn’t care less and leaves mom’s hand and goes in without a backward glance and then there is always that kid that cries a little but eventually settles down and loves preschool. To each their own, but in the end, they all do well.

  2. Lubi :)

    awww mera bachchas πŸ˜₯ how sad is that…i hated going to school too! 😦 i remember sitting on my teacher’s lap for half the year…until one day i discovered coloring!! πŸ˜€

    anyways, good luck to the tweeny twins…and hope they do enjoy school as much as we all ended up doing!!


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