We got the new car, now all we need are the car seats

Oh, yeah, I forgot – we got the new car. That was last Friday. Yes, it’s the Honda Civic and yes, it’s a damn sexy car, it’s misty violet, and we love it.

How could I forget? Easy – the twins. They make me forget lots of stuff, including that I should occasionally comb my hair and also, perhaps, sometimes go to the loo.

So, in the entire week that we’ve had it, I’ve even managed to drive it once. It was a breeze. Amit, however, is so overwhelmed by the size, the cost, and the sheer extravagance of the machine, that he lives in perpetual fear of it and routinely stalls it (despite having more than a decade of driving experience with various different cars to his credit). All that notwithstanding, he took it for a long spin yesterday – all the way to Chennai and back. In one day! One heck of a long day, I must say. He left at 6 a.m. and got back around 12.30 a.m. – all intact, thankfully. I can’t say I was happy about it – that’s a lot of driving for one person in one day – but he seemed to enjoy it.

The only problem with the new car is that it has motivated Amit to seriously consider buying car seats. (For you international readers out there, car seats are not required by law in India, and few people invest in them, no matter what you might say about safety and so on. And kids, even babies in arms, routinely sit in the front seat, even, I think, in cars equipped with passenger side air bags. Yeah, gasp. Of course, speeds are relatively low out here, and I think in the Indian mindset, no place is safer for a baby than its mothers arms (and it’s a lot cheaper too). But that’s a separate discussion altogether.)

Actually, in my view, buying car seats is not a problem. I’d have done it as soon as we got the kids, because it means that I don’t have to handle (physically restrain) two squirming kids in the back seat every time we go anywhere near or far. It also means that I can take the two kids out in the car on my own, thus increasing my mobility and independence manifold. Quite apart from the safety aspect. The problem, and the only reason we didn’t actually buy them so far, is the cost.

We went and looked at car seats in MotherCare last weekend. The wrong place to go, no doubt, because we found a pretty a good car seat, forward facing, intended for kids 9 kg and upward, with a five point harness, and which gets hooked onto the car’s rear seat belts, and which can be used for several years as a booster seat, it seems – well, it costs close to 10 k. And we need two of them.

Of course, the argument goes that if you can afford a Honda Civic, this is the least you can do in the interests of your kids’ safety. So, having convinced ourselves in the course of a long and serious debate that this is something we should do in the interests of our kids’ safety, we’re likely to bite this bullet and buy those car seats sometime soon. Now we only have one further question to address: once we have the two car seats, do we keep them in the new car (which Amit uses to go to office) or in the old car (which has been cast off to me and might be used to drive the kids around)?

Or do we get two car seats for each car?


6 thoughts on “We got the new car, now all we need are the car seats

  1. Sadia

    We have three car seats for two children. The Britax Marathons are our everyday car seats, and usually go in my car, since I do the bulk of the child transportation. If Lucas has a planned outing with the girls, we move the carseats (which is EASY with the Marathons. Love ’em!). The third seat goes in my husband’s car, for those days when one child needs to be taken out of daycare early and he just happens to have the day off. Now, I must admit that the third carseat was simply a stroke of good fortune. A coworker’s daughter moved away for graduate school her toddler son, so my coworker gave us the carseat she no longer needed; I wouldn’t have PAID for an extra!

    Some days, Lucas picks the girls up so I can spend some time with my friends after work. Those days, we meet at the daycare center and trade cars.

  2. Siri

    Isn’t it amazing what we deem as absolutely necessary these days for kids? K and I went window shopping the other day to consider how much poorer we would be once the baby was here and these were the prices of the cheapest ones:
    Crib: $ 500
    Stroller: $ 200
    Car seat: $ 150 if bought seperately- you get the kinds that come attached to a stroller and look so complex I feel like you need a degree in nuclear physics just to open a buckle.
    Changing table (absolutely unnecessary item)- $ 200
    Diapers: Let’s not even talk about it

    And these are supposedly just the basics. ARGH.

  3. Siri

    Ooooh so sorry in all my babbling I forgot to say: CONGRATULATIONS on the new car!!! πŸ™‚ Photos please. I want to see what this misty violet color you talk about looks like.

  4. Lubi :)

    Congratulations! πŸ™‚ We wanna see a pic s’il vous plait! πŸ˜‰
    Misty Violet…definitely sounds Sexy! πŸ˜€

  5. Arun

    I know you cant ignore Civic.. πŸ˜€ Congrats!
    I can understand the motivation part.. πŸ˜€ Chennai drive is a nice option..thats the best road you get around!
    Wishing you a lot more long drives…!
    infact this is the right season for touring in KA.


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