Up to my elbows in pee and poo

No wonder people warned me about managing twins. I have to admit – toilet training TWO? NOT easy.

I’ve only been at it for three-and-a-half days. They say it takes weeks? I’m not sure I’m going to live that long, the way it looks currently.

Since the twins have been in diapers since day 0, I don’t have much idea about how often they pee. So, to start with, I realized I would have to take the diapers off, just so I knew when they were doing it. At first, I kept Tara’s diaper on, and only rendered Mrini diaperless, because I had a hunch that she was the less frequent pee-er, but today I thought, “In for a penny, in for a pound,” and removed both diapers soon after breakfast.

And from then on, it’s been a steady stream of pee, smothered in dettol-water, swabbed with a disgusting rag, while one of the two girls is wailing to see her waste products landing on the floor and going waste, while the other is trying her level best to get in there and play with them. Toilet? No thank you – rhey’re having nothing to do with the two red and pink pottys that are waiting for them.

If it goes on like this, I’m going to lose my appetite and my marbles pretty comprehensively.


8 thoughts on “Up to my elbows in pee and poo

  1. Siri

    Hey look at it this way- loss of appetite>>loss of weight. Ok apart from that really stupid and crass attempt at a joke, I hope they get potty trained sooner rather than later 🙂 Good luck!

  2. andaleebwajid

    What I did with Saboor(when he was a baby) and Az, was that I’d remove their diaper now and then and hold them over the wash basin, and they’d pee sooner or later! I started with them when they were about a month old. Now, Az isn’t fully trained yet, although he sits in his potty and does the big jobs…but I still hold him over the wash basin because its easier. He also points to his crotch when he feels that he’ll pee and he says, ‘Kuchi’ which is his word for pee, poo and even shoes! 😀 Az goes around diaper less the whole day except when we go out or when he sleeps. All the best with the potty training! It can be a nightmare for some!

  3. Sadia

    I feel the same way! My girls are two, and we go back and forth on potty training. For a while, they were using the potty most of the time, and now it’s back to being terrified when they pee in the toilet. I’ve decided to let them decide when they’re interested. We’ve been at it, on and off, for 4 months now. Their daycare encourages them to sit on the potty every time they have a diaper change.

  4. poupee97

    Andy: Toilet training at one month? Gosh, you have patience!
    Doug: If it lasts into their third year, I’m either probably going to be completely insane by then.
    AM: Be happy so far it’s only your shoes…

  5. Lubi :)

    Haa haaa!! 🙂 It isn’t easy, buddy…I shudder to think of how I got my only child potty-trained…so I’m gonna say a silent prayer for you…and hope the twins will make it easier for u to handle them! 😉


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