A Long Way to Go

The twins have been with us for over four months. Someone I met recently who had adopted a baby girl in December 2006, told me that the paperwork for their adoption had been completed in four months. They adopted from Belgaum (Karnataka), and had to make one trip back there to complete the process.

For us, adopting from Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu) the process seems to be completely different. First, we were told, we could not even file for adoption until we had completed three months of foster care. I wonder why that is: do they want to give adoptive parents time to change their minds?

Now, after about six weeks of daily phone calls, they have sent the papers to the lawyer, albeit missing one signature. Once the lawyer okays the paperwork and obtains the missing signature, we can actually file the case in the court. That might – with luck – happen next week or so.

The lawyer gave us a rough overview of the entire process. The details are cumbersome, but the summary is that it will involve at least five or six trips to Pondicherry and will stretch over seven or eight months, barring any disruptions to the schedule such as a lawyers’ strike, which are quite likely to occur.

Worse, for every trip to Pondicherry, both parents are required, which means, in our case, that all four of us will have to go. I wouldn’t mind just travelling to Pondicherry and spending a couple of days there; the problem is that most of the time will be spent waiting at the lawyer’s office or at the court – and that will be tough on the kids.

Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. At least by the end of it, we’ll be so used to travelling with the kids that family holidays will seem less like trouble and more like a vacation.


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