Scabies Babies

When we adopted Mrini and Tara, we found that Mrini had Scabies. Scabies is a mite that bites and Mrini had been bitten all over, especially on her feet, legs, hands, face, tummy… well, basically all over.

The doctor said that we had only to apply a cream to her one night and wash it off the next morning and all would be well. Except that we had to use the cream on every person who had contact with Mrini for as little as 30 minutes. Oh and, we had to wash every item of clothing and bedding that she had access to once we had washed off the cream.

So we did this full treatment on all four of us a day or two after the kids came home. It was chaotic, of course, washing the entire house’s linen in one day, but it had to be done, so we did it.

Now the thing is, we should have repeated this exercise a week later, but by that time the bites had really disappeared and we were lazy, so we took a shortcut: we applied the cream to Mrini, but not the rest of us and we washed only a couple of items of clothing/bedding.

Two weeks passed, the bites had disappeared and all looked fine, when at last I noticed a few tiny bites appear on Mrini and, worse, on Tara as well.

So, on Friday night, we applied the cream again – on all four of us. It is really quite yucky, because it is a thick cream that doesn’t spread or get absorbed very easily, it just lies there all over your skin making you feel slimy.

Saturday was, therefore, laundry day. Not only did I have to wash every sheet, pillow cover, blanket and plastic mattress shield in one day, I even had to wash Mrini’s shoes, and the seats of their stroller! All of which took three loads of the washing machine.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it poured on Saturday afternoon enough to prevent even the almost-dry stuff from drying.

It’s not as if I run to a lot of spare linen at the best of times, and since the twins’ bed has been using up one extra set of bedsheets, which I haven’t had time to go out and shop for, we were reduced to using a rather damp top sheet that night.

To add to that lot of chaos, is my father in law’s impending visit on Monday. I had to clear out one bedroom for him and that really was a huge undertaking. One room is full of the twins’ stuff and the other room is full of our stuff. Likewise for the bathrooms. Displacing the twins’ stuff, their bedding and toys included, seemed like cruelty so I decided the simpler option was to move our stuff into their room. It’s surprising how two tiny creatures like them can fill up one big cupboard in less than a month.

By Sunday afternoon, I still didn’t have enough entirely dry linen to cover all the surfaces in the house, and then of course it rained on Sunday afternoon thoroughly drenching any laundry that was injudiciously left in slightly exposed parts of the two verandahs. I took advantage of the fact that the rest of the family was sleeping, and went out on my bike to shop for essentials for the father in law, and received a drenching for my pains.

All in all, it’s been one of those weekends. I’ll be quite glad when it ends and things get back to “normal”. And, I hope those ruddy scabies mites have been totally exterminated this time, because I really can’t face the prospect of repeating this treatment another two weeks from now.


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