Baby Steps

Warning: This blog entry contains lots of mushy stuff about the twins. If you’re bored with hearing about the twins, come back a few years later.


It’s been the sort of day when most things work out well. To start with, I woke at 7 a.m. after a long and unbroken sleep, to find the twins still sleeping peacefully. First thing in the morning, they both cooperated by doing their morning business in their potties rather than in their diapers.

Tara threw a minor tantrum while I was bathing Mrini, but it was nothing like the one she threw yesterday, and I was better prepared for it, so it was altogether not so bad. They were both generally in a playful mood, so I took a chance at bathing while they were awake – normally, I wait till they both are asleep. It was an interesting experiment, they were very curious about what I was up to and wanted to join me, which I really didn’t want them to do as I had just bathed them and they were all clean and dry.

Both of them spent the morning demanding to be walked. Tara needs a two-handed grip, while Mrini, who started with a two-handed grip several days ago, has graduated to a one-handed grip. Still, as I have only two hands to give, I can’t walk both of them together, which means I get to do double the amount of work each of them does. I have to be very careful to take them in turns, or they get upset! To keep them amused, meanwhile, I turned on Handel’s Messiah in the living room, which they seemed to enjoy.

Mrini was practicing standing up without support. She kept getting to her feet and swaying drunkenly before landing, rather delightedly, with a plop, on her backside. Then, when she tried it for the nth time in the middle of the living room floor, she decided not to land with a plop right away, but to attempt walking instead. I was in the dining room, by the fridge and as I called her, she walked all the way to me – a good 15 baby-steps! Needless to say, I was thrilled! Tara was watching disapprovingly from a distance.

Amit’s reaction, when I told him, was, typically, “take a video!” Yeah, right. Who has time to take a video??? I tried, next time Mrini attempted to walk, but her subsequent attempts, unfortunately, were not so spectacular.

If Tara progresses at the same pace, she ought to be there by the middle or end of next week. This is exciting! Even though I have known them only a few days now, I’m still so proud and happy to see them beginning to walk. Although, my mother warns me that once they both are walking on their own, I’m going to be even more busy than I am now.

Well, today is the third day that Amit has gone to office and I’ve managed on my own. They do drive me around the bend sometimes, but I think I’m doing ok with them. Tara, who had vomited twice last week and then got fever, seems to have improved on both counts. Mrini, who was initially very reserved and clingy, has improved in leaps and bounds and is now totally outgoing, adventurous and cheerful. Her habit of whacking her sister on her head as hard as possible is slowly being turned around into a soft stroking sort of movement, though I still don’t trust her with any hard object in her hand.

It’s great to see them learn as they play. They’ve learnt to give and take from me, but only reluctantly from each other. They’ve learnt to take all their toys out of the carton and fling them around, and yesterday Mrini learnt that you can also pick them up and put them back in. Then, she transferred those skills to the newspapers in the living room. Unfortunately, the taking down and flinging around skill transferred rather better than the putting ‘em back skill, so I get to do a lot of that. Tara learnt that the telephone table cannot be relied upon to support her weight and if she leans on it, it might collapse on her. She also learnt which cupboard in our bedroom has clothes that are easily accessible for taking out and strewing on the floor. Oh, and they both learnt that taking the telephone receiver off the hook and flinging it on the floor makes a most satisfactory crashing sound.

If only they’d hurry up and learn that the bathroom is where one does sussu and potty…


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