Twins at Home!

I have never noticed a city I visited less than I noticed Pondicherry on this trip. I knew my way to the orphanage, and that was all. I even had to have the beach pointed out to me along the way, I was that preoccupied.

Meeting the twins at the orphanage, I could not say there was any instant attraction or bonding. When we held them, they cried, as we had been warned they would. All the same, the younger one, Tara, settled down quite quickly, though Mrini took a while. She was the first to throw up on me, politely favouring me with her attention on our way from hospital to orphanage on Tuesday. Now she has turned out to be a clingy and somewhat whiny baby who always wants to be held. She sucks her thumb and forefinger all the time and seems a little withdrawn, scared, and a bit of a “mommy’s-girl” – she follows me around like a puppy on all fours and cries if Amit picks her up. Tara is all smiles, the adventurous one, and loves Amit. The only problem is that she is being fussy about her food, eating very little and obligingly vomiting on her feeder if coaxed to eat more than she would like. They both have stuffed noses, and Tara absolutely hates having her nose wiped. She loves being bathed, though, and Mrini hates it and howls fit to bring the neighbours down if her hair is washed.

They are sometimes very cute together – if they are in the mood, they will go crawling off towards some particularly enticing object, pull themselves up using whatever furniture is at hand, stand shakily for some minutes with their backsides wobbling, then sit down together, plop, on their bottoms, turn around and grin at us. Tara bullies Mrini by pushing her, pulling her hair, and telling her not to suck her thumb. Mrini meets most of these advances with a stern and somewhat skeptical look, as though to say, “What would you know, you’re fifteen minutes younger than me.”

All said and done, they are a proper handful. Two handfuls, actually.

Hmmm… we have been inundated with phone calls. My parents, who never showed any real signs of being doting grandparents have, according to my sister, been staring cross-eyed and photos of the twins and wondering whether 7 a.m. is too early to phone and find out what the twins are getting for breakfast.

Right now, Tara and Mrini are having their afternoon nap, and Amit is sprawled out next to them, also having an afternoon nap – he hasn’t been able to sleep at night, though the twins seem to be getting a good eight hours.

Life has changed radically all right – from being DINKs (double income no kids) two weeks ago, we suddenly find ourselves as full-fledged SITTs (Single income, two toddlers).

Photos? Well, they are in the camera and two cell phones. The only question is, when will I get them out and on to Flickr??? Your guess is as good as mine. šŸ™‚


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