Unemployed and Impatient

Two days of unemployment, and the condition doesn’t so far seem very different from the past two years of employment. Correction, the condition hasn’t been very different, I should say, considering I had about the same volume of work then as I do now.

Leaving office wasn’t too much of an ordeal. Surprisingly, one team that I have sort of been working with decided to give me a team farewell, with speeches, gifts and all that. Luckily it didn’t last too long, as I was in the midst of some particularly taxing termination process right then. A couple of friends bought me small and very nice mementos, a few people sent me really nice (and partly unexpected) replies to my farewell email. The Administration made me run from pillar to post to complete all the formalities, but were quite polite and cooperative about it. And by 3.30 p.m. it was all over and I was on my way home.

I was really lucky that I left at that hour – it only took me an hour or so to get home. The rest of the world, who left at the usual hour, got stuck in horrendous traffic jams thanks to the flood situation and the fortunate ones, like Amit, took three hours to get home (and that was only because he got off the shuttle and walked the last 4-5 km).

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that over the last few days I’ve hardly been able to think of anything other than twins. Will we get them? When will we get them? What will they be like? What are their names, as of now? Are they really completely normal and healthy? What do they look like? How will they take to us? What are they eating these days? Are they already talking? Walking? How will we manage two of them? When will we get to see them? When will we know when we can go see them?

Sigh. Adoption is in many ways so completely different from having kids the usual way.

According to some philosophies, every person is born to learn some lesson from their life. This belief is usually tied up with multiple rebirths of the soul on its way to attaining nirvana. I’m not sure I believe in the rebirth part of the theory, but I can say this much – If I’ve been born to learn one lesson in life, that lesson has got to be patience; and who ever is trying to teach me that lesson is going about it in a rather thorough and unforgiving fashion.

And, what’s more, if everyone I talk to is to be believed, the long wait to actually have a family is only the beginning of my lesson in patience… once I start trying to handle the twins, I’ll really have my work cut out for me. I only wish I could start soon!!!


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